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Handwriting Without Tears ®

Handwriting Without Tears Is handwriting a battle you are tired of fighting? Does your child struggle with pencil grip, letter formation, word placement, or drawing skills? If so, our Write On sessions at Pediatric Therapy Solutions, are exactly what you and your child need! Write On sessions are handwriting services based on the award winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum. More than three million students benefit from the Handwriting Without Tears® program each year. With the use this wonderful program handwriting can become an automatic and comfortable skill.

Pediatric Therapy Solution's Certified Handwriting Specialists provide services for children from ages 4 and up. Whether you are looking for pre-writing skills, Pre-K through fifth grade level writing, or cursive, this is the program for you! We use a developmental, multi-sensory approach to writing that is fun and highly interactive. NO TEARS HERE!

There are fundamentals to handwriting that determine overall writing ability: Memory, Orientation, Placement, Size, Start, Sequencing, Letter control, and Word spacing. We focus on these 8 elements of handwriting to determine what your child's specific needs are and tailor each session for your child.

Write On offers individual, group, or intensive sessions based on availability and need. Handwriting evaluations including The Print Tool assessment will provide a full print out of what your child's handwriting struggles are, remediation, and specific goals to work on. This evaluation is used to determine which level of the program your child will be using during their sessions.

Contact us today at 941-360-0200 to learn more about this exciting program, or to set up an evaluation.